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What are the Different Types of Bracelet Clasps?


A clasp is used to connect the bracelet. It must be fashionable and match the bracelet, be easy to put on and take off and also be very secure. A clasp on a high end, expensive bracelet will also have a safety, a short chain that connects both sides of the bracelet just in case the clasp comes apart accidentally.

Box Clasp- this method uses a tongue and a groove. One places the tongue in the groove and clicks in place. When releasing, just push down on the lever to release the tongue.

Hook and Eye Clasp- These are very common and are just a hook with a loop. Put the hook through t he loop to attach and the opposite to release.

Lobster or Parrot Clasp- These are the same as a hook, but with a spring that encloses the connection, similar to a dog leash connecting to the collar.

Magnetic Clasp- a new addition, with just 2 magnets on either side. These need a safety, but are very easy.


There are many types of clasps, and all are good. They come in gold, platinum, leather, rope or whatever else your bracelet made be made from, even diamonds. Some can be very valuable if they contain precious metals or gemstones.  


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