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Types of Bracelet


Bracelets are one of the jewelry staples of any wardrobe. Bracelets are worn on both kids and adults. There are many types of bracelets:

Bangle Bracelet- This is a solid bracelet. It can either open at the clasp or be slipped over the wrist.

Tennis Bracelet- This type of bracelet is a thin, in-line series of jewels, usually diamonds but can be other gemstones. It got its name by former women's #1 player Chris Evert who wore one during a match.

Charm Bracelets- These are bracelets with “charms” attached to them, hanging off. Often times, the charms can be taken away or added. Sample charms include hearts, crosses, characters or anything else one would want.

Beaded Bracelets- These are made from a series of connected beads. They are mostly used in native American jewelry, specifically in the southwest USA.

Leather Bracelets- Can be worn by both men and women. They come in both brown and black and can be clasped by a buckle, similar to a belt.

Men's Bracelets- Usually these are thicker than women's and do not contain gemstones.

Diamond Bracelets- Any bracelet that contains diamonds. These can be very expensive, in to the thousands or even millions of dollars.

Gold Bracelets- These are either white or yellow. They are made predominately of gold

Platinum Bracelets- Platinum is a harder metal than gold, and recommended if you would like a white metal over white gold.

Charity Bracelet- These become popular in the early 2000's with the livestrong campaign. They are used to support a cause.

Pearl bracelet- Bracelets are generally not strung on a string as they would break too often. These are usually based in a metal such as gold and accented with pearls.

Gemstone Bracelet- Bracelets can contain any gemstone, such as ruby, emerald, sapphire or semi-precious stones.

Love Bracelet- This bracelet is supposedly permantly affixed and can only be taken off by a tool.


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