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How to Value a Diamond Bracelet

Valuing jewelry is more of a science than an art. It is literally the sum its parts. When a jeweler values a bracelet, he weighs it to get the weight of the metal, then measures and grades the diamonds or other gemstones, adds it up and determines the value. Design and look have very little value in the eyes of a jeweler.

For example, if a bracelet contains 1 ounce of 18K gold and 12 diamonds, each worth $500. He will take the current price of an ounce of gold ($1600) multiply that by .75 since the bracelet is only 75% pure gold for $1200 of gold and then add the value of the diamonds, in this case 12x$500= $6000. In this case the value of the bracelet, would you want to sell it, is $6000. The jeweler may offer you less, but in that case, you should shop around.

This method can be used by individuals when comparing 2 bracelets and seeing which is a better deal. Determine the value of the raw materials and then decide which is better.

Very few brand names add value to jewelry. There are some exceptions, but these are rare. A jeweler will rarely pay you for the brand, and many are false as well, so be careful when purchasing stamped, or branded, estate jewelry that is not from the designer's store.

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