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    What are the Different Types of Bracelet Clasps?

      A clasp is used to connect the bracelet. It must be fashionable and match the bracelet, be easy to put on and take off and also be very secure. A clasp on a high end, expensive bracelet will also have a safety, a short chain that connects both sides of the bracelet just in ca ... Read more

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    How to Value a Diamond Bracelet

    Valuing jewelry is more of a science than an art. It is literally the sum its parts. When a jeweler values a bracelet, he weighs it to get the weight of the metal, then measures and grades the diamonds or other gemstones, adds it up and determines the value. Design and look hav ... Read more

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    Types of Bracelet

      Bracelets are one of the jewelry staples of any wardrobe. Bracelets are worn on both kids and adults. There are many types of bracelets: Bangle Bracelet- This is a solid bracelet. It can either open at the clasp or be slipped over the wrist. Tennis Bracelet- This type of br ... Read more

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